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Naturally, we’re speaking in English, since I can’t speak Serbia. Montenegro was a blast and truly beautiful in all aspects but with the season ending, it’s time to venture to a new destination. Over the years, it’s been passed from the Turks to the Bulgarians, Hungarians, Serbs, then Austrians. Planning a road trip? Sign up to receive the most exciting updates in travel and to discover new destinations each month! You have successfully joined the Snap Travel Magic family. The views from the car are amazing, I tried taking pictures through the window-some of them turned out surprisingly well. But, this road trip was something special, very few people can say they’ve taken a road trip around Serbia, but it was more than that. From Belgrade, drive about an hour north to Sremski Karlovci, a sleepy little wine town. Duration: 7 days. le long du danube. bienvenue en serbie. Vous longez les pentes de la baie jusquà Perast, ville tournée vers la mer, palmiers et pins parasol, palais italiens et maisons de pêcheurs. In fact, Belgrade has had more w… Of course, having a car with a built-in GPS helped immensely! Fiat. Et si il y a beaucoup beaucoup de surprises en Serbie. What a perfect road trip, Sarah. We actually visited Manasija Monastery that same day, since it was our first stop on our road trip through Eastern Serbia, and got astonished by over 600 years old church and tall, stone … You must be 21 years old, have a valid driver’s license, have a passport (and have held it for two years), and carry insurance cards and rental papers with you at all times. It was quite a beautiful church, decorated with beautiful artwork, and it just felt as if it had seen so much. Faire un road-trip au Monténégro ? and will reach the border of Macedonia after 5 hours. After spending time exploring the ins and outs of Sirogojno, continue further to Gostilje Waterfall. From Golubac Fortress, drive 30 minutes down the road to Lepenski Vir. It was the little things on this road trip that I really appreciated. They are usually located in the mountains, where the air is fresh and crisp. I am not a huge wine lover, but that wine was delicious, especially the red. La Bosnie et la Serbie sont deux pays méconnus des touristes mais qui regorgent de richesses! Check out your hotel options in Belgrade here. danube bleu. Serbia is an absolutely beautiful country that is just waiting to be explored. Zemun – Places to visit on your Serbia road trip. Then, if you plan to do the Sargan 8 train ride, we discovered that you have to book your tickets in advance, so I’d recommend having your hotel in Belgrade call and make your reservation a few days prior to arriving. Serbia’s capital city, Belgrade, is the only European capital located at the confluence of two rivers – the Sava and Danube rivers. Here are some great things to do in Belgrade! From Novi Sad, prepare for a bit of a drive as you head to Eastern Serbia. I’m Sarah Gallo, The Five Foot Traveler, and I choose to dream out loud. A refaire j’y retourne une dizaine de jours pour ne pas faire trop de grosses … We slept in a floating hotel on the Danube! Pourtant, la Serbie ne manque pas de paysages magnifiques et nous apprécions énormément ces premiers jours de voyage ! They gifted several bottles to us as we left. God heard the cry and turned the wedding guests to rock, and they are still standing there today. Spend at least one day in Belgrade seeing the main attractions. We have passions and goals and routines. But, the Serbia road trip was spectacular. The site was once one large settlement and, in the adjacent museum, one could see the skeletons found, their pottery, and sculptures. It’s a beautiful property and the perfect look into what life used to be like. He presented me with parting gifts of a keychain, a small picture of Mary, and fruit from his garden. Serbia is an absolutely beautiful country that is just waiting to be explored. Because I can’t tell you how someone 200 years ago made food. Then, for a bit of local culture, continue onwards to Terzica Avila. Première destination de notre road-trip d'été, nous faisons escale pour 2 jours à Belgrade. Destination encore épargnée du tourisme de masse, le Monténégro est l’endroit idéal pour s’aventurer en voyage, explorer, se sentir libre mais plus encore, se sentir vivre. Just driving from place to place on our road trip was spectacular. Prokuplje and all of the Good Serbian Food, Serbia Road Trip Prolom Banjas and the First Proposal, 4 of My Unsafe Travel Stories from Abroad, The Best 1 Day in Paris Itinerary For Travelers, 7 Magical Photos of Christmas Markets in Munich, Holiday Time: Cute Travel Gifts for Under $40, 5 of the most Magical Stories from New Orleans, 10 Most Asked Questions About Solo Travel, A Love Letter to Solo Female Travel and Women, 10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Vacation Days, My 7 Day Serbia Road Trip plus 3 Marriage Proposals, 1 Day in Lima: The Best Things to do in Lima Peru. We are interested in … I spent 2 nights in Belgrade before completing the rest of this itinerary. Par contre je conseille de prendre vraiment le temps de faire un road trip. After Niš we drove about 40 minutes to my friend’s family house. In the cities there are always banks with ATMs where you can get money out. When I arrived back in Belgrade, my other friends told me I had seen things that most Serbians had never seen. He starts telling us his life story, which is interesting, and about how his son is trying to get a visa to be a lifeguard in the United States. My friend took some pictures of me, but he was super worried, at one point, holding my arm because he thought I was going to fall, “you nearly gave me a heart attack!” He said. It could have been awkward, being the third wheel, and messing up their romantic vacation, but neither ended up being the case. Il nest pas toujours simple de trouver des informations en français (ou même en anglais) … The history of Serbia is very interesting. There are many legends surrounding Devil’s Town, the one I heard goes like this: a group of God-fearing people once lived in the town; they were very pious, religious people. There are fruit trees in the back yard with all kinds of plants, the mountains make up the skyline in the background, and the sounds of farm animals can be heard constantly. Archeological findings showed that humans have been at this site since 8,000 BC! I was always greeted warmly, like part of the family. My friend’s girlfriend and I take a walk while the men chat. I buy some honey, and my friend’s girlfriend buys some blackberries, which we devour. When early afternoons rolled around, we would pack up the car and head out for a little adventure, never driving more than an hour or hour and a half away. Hello, I am planning a road trip across Serbia (4 days) and Bosnia (4 days). Sirogojno – Best places to visit in Serbia. It was definitely a highlight of my trip. “Light one candle at the top and pray for someone’s health, light one candle at the bottom and pray for someone who has died, in remembrance of that person.” My friend told me. Since we weren’t part of a tour for Uvac, nor knew enough Serbian to book ourselves tickets on the Sargan 8, we went for option one. Serbie, road trip au cœur de l’Europe Serbie, road trip au cœur de l’Europe. Before we could leave the church the priest grabbed us, I’m not sure if he was just being nice or knew I was American and was, again, fascinated. On your way back to Belgrade, stop by Kosmaj Spomenik, a monument in Central Serbia dedicated to the partisans who fought the German occupation just south of Belgrade during WWII. If you're planning a road trip to Belgrade, you can research locations to stop along the way. Get advice from people who have done the same trip. I highly recommend it! The small hike leading up to the rocks was filled with orange-colored streams, and fun caves. Lepenski Vir very well may have been the birthplace of civilization in Europe! The people whom Americans think are dangerous. The more and more I travel, the more I realize that deep down, people are the same. Un road trip en Serbie débute généralement par la capitale Belgrade, un véritable joyau architectural et un haut lieu du street art. The route for our Serbia road trip was as follows: Nis – Vlasotince – Leskovac – Kuršumlija – Kruševac – Stulac – Studenica Monastery – Novi Pazar – Sopoćani – Zlatibor – Užice – … When we arrived after a long journey, I tasted slatko, a sweet cherry mixture given to people after a trip. I got the chance to see a skull tower in Niš. thehappyfamily. Spend some time wandering around and learning about. In my experience road … Love your route! Recommended by Maggie, The World Was Here First. But it seems easy enough to rent a car if you want to do a Serbia road trip. He is Serbian, but lived in Chicago for thirty-something years. Thanks a Gr8 itinerary but if we do it as suggested how many continuous nights in Belgrade and (roughly) where to do the other nights? La bâtisse, autrefois habitée par des moines, da… Upon completion of this Serbia road trip with Auto Europe, you will have seen the best sites Serbia has to offer, and some of its greatest off-the-beaten-path sites too! For the next leg of our journey, we decided to splurge and spend a few nights hanging around a mountain resort called Zlatibor. Just as we were about to leave, he told me that he would marry me for free if I found a husband in Serbia. Terzica Avila – Best places to visit in Serbia. Sleep: Check out your hotel options in Belgrade here. Finally in 1867, it was officially handed over to Serbia and remains a site to see today! The Turks, upset by the loss, gathered the skulls of the dead Serbians and built the tower, trying to instill fear in the Serbian people. Archeological findings showed that humans have been at this site since 8,000 BC! The mornings were spent drinking coffee and eating traditional Serbian food, a lot of bread, filled with cheese, called pita sa sirom. A road trip in Serbia is definitely a good idea, since public transport is not very good and the best sights are difficult if not impossible to reach without a car. It is a mountain ski resort in Serbia, which I learned is quite popular and well known throughout Europe. There is something special in a road trip, something akin to freedom. It’s not a touristy spot by any means, but we decided to drive up the highest peak in the region to this monument in remembrance of the 5,000 soldiers who lost their lives in the battle. Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. People pay a certain amount of money to stay at the Banja, and their fee includes (in addition to housing) food, and an arrangement of spa services like massages, facials, different therapies, several different pools, and steam rooms, and exercise rooms. Serbia’s capital city, Belgrade, is the only European capital located at the confluence of two rivers – the Sava and Danube rivers. Belgrade Fortress must be included on your Belgrade itinerary! Golubac Fortress was a medieval fortified town built in the 14th Century by the Ottoman Empire. This is commonly referred to as “the first city in Europe,” so it was definitely a necessity on our European Road Trip. I have friends from Novi Sad, whom I follow on IG but met in Macedonia; they are always showing off the delights of their cultural capital. In fact, Belgrade has had more wars on its soil than any other European capital and has been completely destroyed 44 times over its history. the bus stops at many places. The men are quite nice, and offer us shots of Rakia. Serbia Road Trip Prolom Banjas and the First Proposal After Devil’s town we stopped by the Prolom Banja. They own a vineyard. The first stop on our trip was Niš, a good size city, although a lot smaller than Belgrade. Locals say that it’s the best viewpoint in the Tara Mountains. It was so nice having someone else drive and schedule everything, I could just sit back and enjoy. Then he introduced me to a member of his church choir, and told me I should consider him as a husband. And although he kept a joking tone, he was not joking. Find the best hotels, restaurants, and attractions based … He gave us incense, he told us it was the same kind that was used to wrap Christ’s body, and dotted our foreheads, chests, and arms, blessing us as he did so. Sure we may have different cultures and opinions, but at our core, we’re human beings. I loved Zlatibor, loved taking walks around the lake, seeing the different resort houses, chatting to a restaurant owner while making faces at a little 7-year-old Serbian kid. If you’re planning to do Uvac National Park, I highly recommend doing it as part of an organized tour because there are no trail maps and it’s extremely challenging to find Serbia’s iconic viewpoint of the meandering river Uvac. They own a beautiful little house, in the middle of wine country. Required fields are marked *, Hello World! Banjas in Serbia are like spas in the US. We stopped and ate at a restaurant located in Prolom banja. frontière. And drinking at night in bars with live music. Take in the views before heading back to Zlatibor. Or, listening to my friend and his family talk in Serbian for hours and trying to figure out what they’re talking about just by hand gestures and their facial expressions. Ride the Sargan 8 and wander through Drvengrad. It’s incredibly charming, bright, and colorful. It was quite relaxing. The capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a focal point for road trips in the Balkans as it is located within driving distance of Belgrade, Montenegro, Zagreb and Dubrovnik. Hey beautiful people, I'm Kelly, short-term travel expert! Meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn compensation if you click through and make a purchase. Belgrade en 2 jours. Des grands-pères coiffés de bérets sont assis aux perrons des maisons, comme pour parfaire le décor. Meeting and interacting with so many Serbians, and not feeling like I was abiding in a sea of tourists. I didn't have any issues at the … The tower still stands today, but not as a symbol of fear, but as a symbol of the brave actions of the Serbians. It’s known as the center of culture in the country and has a much more laid back lifestyle. Dubrovnik, Croatia. Banjas in Serbia are like spas in the US. The US is the stuff of dreams.” I shook my head. The conversation is pleasant enough until the man talks about how I should marry his son so his son could get a visa to come to the United States. Sélection de photos de la Serbie… We began and ended our journey in my friends’ hometown, and the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade. I prefered having a home base and taking short day trips on the Serbia roadtrip. Now for your sixth day, you have three different options. Prise de votre voiture de location, et en route pour Kotor. Sounds like a terrific experience, Sarah. We ended the day with a hike to a waterfall, and dinner overlooking a valley. You can view my full Belgrade article here: You’ll finish up in Sremski Karlovci by noon, then hop in your car and drive to Novi Sad! That’s what we did. 3 hours of driving)… And I loved drinking in an assortment of coffee shops and spending hours just pleasantly chatting. The open road in front of you, the opportunity to go wherever you want, whenever you want, and do whatever you want. Golubac Fortress was a medieval fortified town built in the 14th Century by the Ottoman Empire. Book Now. We were sitting in a little cafe in Zlatibor having breakfast. A decent number of places take credit cards, but always be sure to have cash on hand. It is well marked and maintained, and a lovely stroll through the park. I stumbled upon this since i am thinking of a roadtrip there myself. And I’m so glad they gave us time to snap away! Prolom Banja is very famous in Serbia because the water that they have is so pure. The site was once one large settlement and, in the adjacent museum, one could see the skeletons found, their pottery, and sculptures. I solemnly swear to only send you emails related to traveling, being a digital nomad, and monetizing your blog and social media following. After the skull tower, we spent a few leisurely hours walking around Niš fortress, taking pictures of old walls, storage units, and graves. On your final day, grab yourself a crepe at a stall by the lake in Zlatibor, pack your bags, and start the drive back to Belgrade! Devil’s Town consists of several rock formations. I enjoyed my time in Belgrade. My trip was a bit different because I had locals drive me around, and never had to rent a car. But, at this point, I’m used to it. There were basins pooled with water, and stalactites hanging from the ceiling. I would only recommend having a car in the countryside, you do not really need one in Belgrade. So, there we are, in a restaurant, speaking English (which is not a common occurrence in Serbia) when this older man approaches us. The restaurant owner, a man, starts eyeing us. Belgrade Fortress must be included on your Belgrade itinerary! Coming up to Belgrade from Kosovo via Montenegro, we saw much of the country and it is a beautiful place.This was my second trip to Belgrade after a 2007 visit that had me at odds with a Serbian cop who was bored and felt like busting balls. It was everything I learned about Serbian culture, and history, and the wonders of their country. How Long Will The Road Trip Take? I think I impress them when I pronounce Živeli, the traditional Serbian cheers, and down my shot, wishing them all good health. Tirana, Albania (3-4 Days) Tirana is the capital and largest city in Albania but by no means the only … Driving itself is part of the pleasures of a trip to Serbia and particularly to Macedonia. At first I thought, this guy is joking. The starting point will be Sofia. Depuis que nous sommes ici, nous croisons très peu de touristes (en dehors des serbes eux-même, voire de leurs voisins monténégrins ou bosniaques). I got to visit Serbian wine country, or Aleksandrovacka Zupa. I also tried punjena paprika (stuffed paprika), musaka (3 layers of potatoes, mashed meat, and more potatoes), Ćevapi (a kind of minced meat that is served in finger-like pieces), and pljeskavica (which looks like a hamburger). Take a quick break to photograph the Drina River House before continuing onwards to the Banjska Stena viewpoint in the Tara Mountains. Maybe asded 1 week romania, or would serbia be enough for a 2 week trip? It is very rare for a town and church to bear the same name, and, even rarer that the bones of St. Prokopija are located inside the church’s walls. Pendant notre road-trip en Serbie, nous avons fait escale dans plusieurs ethno-villages qui possèdent chacun leur spécialité. We tried, and planned, to do all three options but, at the end of the day only succeeded in accomplishing the first option, as option two & three ended up being too difficult to arrange without knowing Serbian. Driving in the Balkans is not for the faint-hearted but it is one of the … I love the food in Serbia. They were all so welcoming and friendly towards me. Trips to Niš, Devil’s Town, Prolom Banjas, Kopaonik, Trips to Aleksandrovacka Zupa, Mokra Gora, Drvengrad, Stopica, Sirogojno. You can actually buy Prolom water all over Serbia. I solemnly swear to only send you emails related to traveling, working remotely, and monetizing your social media following. Always stopping for a good hour or two to drink a great cup of coffee and just talk. After the train ride we made our way to Drvengrad, perhaps the most popular, or at least well known, town in Serbia, thanks to movie magic. Dozens of candles flickered in an altar. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Road trip au Monténégro - août 2017 - forum Bosnie, Serbie, Monténégro - Besoin d'infos sur Bosnie, Serbie, Monténégro ? It’s very easy to access as the entire hike is only about one kilometer, but it’s absolutely stunning! If you feel like adding one more stop to your day, drive about 30 minutes south and you’ll hit Zlatar Lake, which is simply pristine. One of our day trips was to Devil’s Town. You know when you reach the top of a mountain after hiking for hours and you just drink in everything around you? La Serbie est un petit état des Balkans occidentaux. It is situated in the country, in the town of Prokuplje, and it is so quaint and beautiful. You can reserve a car on several big websites like kayak or Expedia. I needed to point out inaccuracy in your article. The currency is the Serbian dinar (RSD) and 100 RSD (approx) equals 1 US dollar. We all laugh about it, but it’s still sad to me. Upon disembarking our plane, we made our way to the car rental counter and were taken to our brand new Citroen C3 – it still had that new car smell! The people were poisoned, and soon a marriage was arranged between a brother and sister, an incestuous relationship. It was quite an experience to light a candle and pray for my family back in the US, and my uncle who died several months before, in the quietness of the church, the ritual was very moving. End your 3 weeks Balkan road trip itinerary in the bustling capital of Serbia. Bryan, I was able to rent a car in Croatia at the airport and drove into Bosnia and Montenegro.I really wanted to get to Macedonia and Serbia as well but ran out of time.. They perform a traditional Serbian song and dance. My friend’s family gave us food constantly, and we were never hungry. Nous débutons notre voyage au long cours par un road-trip en Serbie. I don’t think of the US being that amazing, but to some people, I know it is like a dream come true. Interested in road tripping Serbia? Be sure to stop by Benišek Veselinović, one of the oldest wineries in the country, as it’s been in operation for over 300 years in the same family. It’s Serbia’s second largest city, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way. After finding a shady parking spot, take some time to meander around town. The experience of road tripping was fabulous. We took a short walk around the Banja, me still reeling from our conversation, my friend less surprised. After Devil’s town we stopped by the Prolom Banja. This would not be my last proposal in Serbia. Serbians speak Serbian. And it worked; although he killed about 100 surviving Serbs (all 3,000 Serbians ended up dying in battle), he also managed to kill 10,000 Turks. It was a great little mountain resort. attention. Since my newfound freedom, I have set foot on all seven continents, explored 114 countries, and continue to strive to live life to the fullest. Soak in the untouched natural beauty this country has to offer, dive into its history, and enjoy your drive! Son emplacement à la croisée entre Occident et Orient, la multitude d’ethnies qui composent 1/5 de son peuple et son histoire mouvementée en font une destination fascinante pour un road trip. I couldn’t believe that this priest took so much time just to talk to my friends and me. We made a pit stop at my friend’s aunt’s house on our way to Zlatibor. Including money-saving tips, research ideas, and a whole lot more to make your next trip amazing! And if you haven’t spent one day in Belgrade yet, be sure to spend some time wandering around this awesome city. During the Middle Ages, this was the site of many battles between the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary. The busiest day of the road trip began with a trip to see a magnificent cave called Stopica pecina. reserve de bois. Sremski Karlovci – Best places to visit in Serbia. The trip made me fall in love with Serbia even more. It’s dangerous because things can fall through the hole (one drunk guy was actually killed when he fell through that very hole). I loved them both and we had a lot of laughs, some tears, and a lot of excitement during the trip. A fairy, who is rumored to still live in the town today, prayed to God to end this marriage. The devil saw these devout believers and decided to poison them, to make them forget their lineage, and forget their devotion to God. Sign up to receive the most exciting updates in the travel world and to discover new destinations each month! I was road tripping with my Serbian friend, who I had met in the US, and his girlfriend. Unlike Drvengrad, the made-up movie set from Life is a Miracle, Sirogojno was once a fully operational, traditional village. This was our home base for the next several days. Novi Sad, la deuxième grande ville du pays, vous réserve également de belles … Distance covered: 200km (approx. We may spend 1-2 days in/around Bulgaria upon return (time permitting). I got to take an epic Serbia road trip when I visited the country in 2014. I learned a bit about it while studying with some folks of all parts of former Yugoslavia – there is still some animosity amongst them and also toward Americans because of our involved in the 1990s. It is not an easy country to explore via public transportation, so we decided to rent a car with Auto Europe and set off on a Serbia road trip! I’ve always wanted to visit Serbia, and it sounds like a road-trip is an amazing way to see the country! Most younger people will be able to speak English and a fair amount of people working in the tourist industry. Since we weren’t part of a tour for Uvac, nor knew enough Serbian to book ourselves tickets on the Sargan 8, we went for option one. I also got to meet and really get to know my friend’s girlfriend, an amazing woman, whose dreams are not unlike my own: travel the world. Join one of the free walking tours in the morning, have a beer in the sun in the city center and party hard all night long in the … Thanks! Serbia is a big country for the Balkans and there is a lot of ground to cover on a Serbia road trip. I’d definitely say it is safe enough for a solo female traveler to rent a car and explore Serbia — everyone was incredibly kind and I didn’t experience any issues at all , Your email address will not be published. After conquering a crippling fear of flying, I’ve developed an unquenchable passion for traveling. My friend’s family was kind enough to give me a tour, and answer all my questions about winemaking. Take a road trip across Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina with Atlas Obscura as we explore the Balkans in search of Yugoslav memorial sites. Head back to Belgrade. it takes a stop in every town in Serbia after 1 hour. Belgrade to Skopje bus journey is around 7 to 8 hours, and you’ll see most of Serbia during the trip. Check out booking for the best accommodation in Prokuplje and Zlatibor. Drive up to Magarcev Breg for a fantastic view of Sremski Karlovci and the Danube River. I imagine myself owning a house in Zlatibor, making money off of the guests that visit. Just make sure you always keep the speed limits and don't break the rules, because policemen are happy to fine you all the time. The man’s wife snaps a picture of me (to be fair she got a picture of my friend and his girlfriend as well) and puts me on the phone with her son (who can barely speak any English). On your way back to Belgrade, stop by Kosmaj Spomenik, a monument in Central Serbia dedicated to the partisans who fought the German occupation just south of Belgrade during WWII. Retour. If you’re thinking that this route is going criss-cross – you’re wrong. The area itself is also quite beautiful. The scenery was a bit obscured as it was raining the whole time, but the views were still quite spectacular. We sat down to coffee, and wine, and chatted a bit. Here's a sample itinerary for a drive from Sofia to Belgrade. If you go in a … I highly recommend the free walking tour that leaves every day at 5pm from the Serbian National Theater. Continue onwards to Zlatibor, which serves as the perfect home base in the region. Interested in road tripping Serbia? For the equivalent of around $6, you can take a 2.5-hour train ride in the mountains. Disclosure: I only recommend products and services that I would recommend to a friend. Here is the perfect 7 day itinerary! While it’s not enough time to see everything, you’ll get a good feed for the city. Gosh, there was so much good food! While it’s not a traditionally “pretty” European city, it has its own unique vibe and style. This was where I got my first taste of just how foreign Americans are to Serbians. From there we visited Sirogojno, a town made up of buildings that are around 200 years old. Massively outnumbered, and with the knowledge of being captured, Steven Sindjelic, a Serbian militant, shot a gun powder magazine, killing thousands of Turks, and the few remaining Serbs, to cause the enemy as many losses as possible. I’m Sarah Gallo, The Five Foot Traveler, and I choose to dream out loud. It is not an easy country to explore via public transportation, so we decided to rent a car with. Continue Reading…. After an amazing European Road Trip through Switzerland with Auto Europe last year, I knew that the process would be seamless.

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