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The A1 motorway (Croatian: Autocesta A1) is a major north–south motorway in Croatia connecting the capital of the country, Zagreb, to the Dalmatia region, where the motorway follows a route parallel to the Adriatic coast. [14][15][16], An automatic traffic monitoring and guidance system is in place along the motorway. traduction autocesta dans le dictionnaire Francais - Anglais de Reverso, voir aussi 'autocratie',autocar',automate',auto', conjugaison, expressions idiomatiques La vitesse moyenne d'une connexion mobile (3G/4G) en Croatie est de 13.08Mbps. Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr. Structurae hat derzeit 3 relevante Veröffentlichung(en) katalogisiert. However, due to political upheavals in Croatia and Yugoslavia, construction of the motorway was labeled a "nationalist project" and cancelled in 1971. [64], Construction cost incurred on the Dugopolje–Ploče sector of the motorway between 2005 and 2008 was reported at 4.1 billion kuna and additional 1.8 billion kuna of construction expenses are planned until the end of 2012 (representing approximately 560 and 245 million euro, respectively). Lengths of the latter three range between 1,122 meters (3,681 ft) and 1,542 meters (5,059 ft). The most notable among them are: the 5,821-meter (19,098 ft) long Mala Kapela Tunnel between Ogulin and Brinje interchanges and the 5,768-meter (18,924 ft) long Sveti Rok Tunnel between Sveti Rok and Maslenica interchanges. [29], A total of 361 structures—bridges, viaducts, flyovers, underpasses, passages, wildlife crossings, and tunnels—have been completed on the motorway between Zagreb and Vrgorac, and calculations indicate that 18.6 percent of the route between Zagreb and Split is located on those structures, which is a quite considerable percentage for a motorway of this length. As a part of the road network of Croatia, it is a part of two major European routes: E65 Prague–Bratislava–Zagreb–Rijeka–Split–Dubrovnik and E71 Budapest–Zagreb–Karlovac–Bihać–Knin–Split. [44] It is considered that the true reason for the cancellation of the works was that the motorway was considered to be a "nationalist" project. The seasonal increase traffic volume variations ranges 69% on the busiest, Lučko–Jastrebarsko section to 160% as measured on Sveti Rok–Maslenica section. The remainder of the A1 motorway, i.e., the sections south of the Bosiljevo 2 interchange are operated by Hrvatske autoceste. You can share your profile with your friends so that they see all of your games library. The summer season traffic volume increase on the motorway is 120%. Coronavirus (COVID-19) and travel: The situation around the world is changing dramatically. [47] Subsequent reorganizations of the E-road network, including the latest one in 2008, transferred the route south of Zagreb to the E71. Autoroute Zagreb - Gorican et Zagreb - Split, Croatie, Construction of eight viaducts for Croatian motorway project. [11], Hrvatske autoceste, operator of the southern portion of the A1 motorway, ordered the execution of design documents, feasibility and environmental impact studies for the Doli – Osojnik section of the motorway that is to be constructed near Dubrovnik. [6], The motorway spans 476.3 kilometers (296.0 mi) between Zagreb (Lučko interchange) and Ploče via Split. As of September 2010, there are five such rest area operators on the A1 motorway: INA, OMV, Tifon, Petrol and Crobenz. [9][10], United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, "EUROPEAN AGREMENT ON MAIN INTERNATIONAL TRAFFIC ARTERIES (AGR)", "Autocesta učinila Zadar uspješnijim od Zagreba", "Adriatic-Ionian Transport Corridor on the territory of the Republic of Croatia", "Hrvatska će kroz BiH graditi Jadransko-jonsku magistralu", "Pravilnik o označavanju autocesta, njihove stacionaže, brojeva izlaza i prometnih čvorišta te naziva izlaza, prometnih čvorišta i odmorišta", "Transport: launch of the Italy-Turkey pan-European Corridor through Albania, Bulgaria, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Greece", "Odluka o osnivanju dioničkog društva Autocesta Rijeka – Zagreb d.d. The tunnels separate three distinct climate zones. [75] Even though the rest areas found along the A1 motorway generally follow this ranking system, there are considerable variations as some of them offer extra services. [2], In the beginning of the 1990s, construction of the motorway was further postponed because of onset of the Croatian War of Independence. The rest area operators are not permitted to sub-lease the fuel operations; Tifon and Petrol operated rest areas have restaurants or hotels operated by Marché, a Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts subsidiary. Venezia Lines High Speed Ferries connects Venice to Istria, Croatia and Slovenia. [40][41][42][43] The section also comprises the 402-meter (1,319 ft) long Šare Viaduct. Facilities found at Stupnik rest area comprise a filling station selling petrol, diesel fuel and LPG, a café and restrooms. Facilities found at Kozjak rest area comprise a filling station selling petrol, diesel fuel and LPG, a café and restrooms. Both in the 1970s and in the 2000s, construction of the Zagreb–Split motorway was perceived to symbolize rebuilding of national unity. All of the rest areas were rated as very good, especially in terms of facilities offered. The motorway consists of two traffic lanes and an emergency lane in each driving direction separated by a central reservation. [11], Traffic is regularly counted by means of traffic census at toll stations and reported by Autocesta Rijeka–Zagreb and Hrvatske autoceste—the operators of the northern and the southern portions of the motorway respectively. South of the Bosiljevo 2 interchange the first major drop of traffic volume is recorded on the A1 motorway, due to traffic transferring to the A6 motorway towards Rijeka. The Zagreb–Split section of the route was completed by 2005, while the first sections between Split and Dubrovnik opened in 2007 and 2008. [7] Almost all of the existing interchanges are trumpet interchanges, except for Lučko which is a stack. Commencement of construction on this section was originally scheduled for 2009. Parking area only; Accessible to both southbound and northbound traffic. In the same way, you can see the profiles of all users of the application. By and large they are toll highways with a ticket system. Motorways Zagreb – Gorican and Zagreb – Split, Croatia. It shall not feature any weaving, similar to the Bosiljevo 2 interchange of the A1 and A6 motorways. The reported traffic volume gradually decreases as the motorway chainage increases and as it passes by various major destinations and the interchanges that serve them. BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION BOUYGUES-CONSTRUCTION.COM BLOG DE BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION BLOG.BOUYGUES-CONSTRUCTION.COM SITE CARRIÈRES CARRIERES.BOUYGUES-CONSTRUCTION.COM TERRE PLURIELLE TERREPLURIELLE.COM BOUYGUES BÂTIMENT ILE-DE-FRANCE With Ludexo, tracks your collection of video games and consoles. Croatia's coast and inland regions offer impressive views, ancient monuments, local delicacies, natural wonders, and memorable experiences. Facilities found at Dobra rest area comprise a filling station selling petrol, diesel fuel and LPG, a restaurant, an ATM, showers and restrooms. The funds raised through the public loan were left unused for several months, then spent for construction of a road between Vrlika and Strmica via Knin, now a part of the D1 and D30 state roads. The 39.3-kilometer (24.4 mi) long Zagreb–Karlovac section of the Zagreb–Rijeka motorway, now part of the A1 motorway, was completed in 1972. [44][45], The Zagreb–Split motorway, now the A1 motorway, was one of three routes defined by the Parliament of the Socialist Republic of Croatia on 5 March 1971, as priority transport routes of Croatia that were to be developed as motorways. Construction de 8 ponts pour des projets d'autoroute en Croatie. En Croatie, à la date de 2019, les sièges enfants sont obligatoires pour les enfants de moins de 135 cm. Le réseau 3G (ou mieux) est accessible sur 86% du territoire. Autoroute Zagreb - Gorican et Zagreb - Split, Croatie. Tourism is a significant source of revenue during the summer, with Croatia ranked the 18th most popular tourist destination in the world. The Mala Kapela Tunnel spans between the continental climate of the central Croatia and the mountain climate of Lika, while the Sveti Rok Tunnel provides a link between Lika and its mountain climate and the Mediterranean climate of Dalmatia. In: DSI Info, n. 12 ( 2003- 2004), S. 17. In: DSI Info, n. 12 ( 2003- 2004), S. 23. CROATIE - CATERPILLAR PARTICIPE A LA CONSTRUCTION D'UNE AUTOROUTE. Apart from Zagreb and Split, the A1 motorway runs near a number of major Croatian cities, provides access to several national parks or nature parks, world heritage sites, and numerous resorts, especially along the Adriatic Coast. The traffic using this exit proceeds north along a three lane access road parallel to the main A1 route and rejoins it immediately to the north of Lučko toll plaza. Si vous n’êtes pas en mesure de régler le prix du péage, vous ne pourrez pas quitter l’autoroute sur laquelle vous vous trouvez. The rest of this overpowering construction, built over 400 years, shows various ages of Dalmatian ecclesiastical architecture, Romanesque intertwined with Gothic. Premium posters, gallery-quality wall prints & frames: Best value for money Happy customers Fast shipping Printed with #posterlove The faster cashless system has raised the nominal capacity of the road from 2,325 to 11,150 vehicles per hour. The filling stations regularly have small convenience stores and some of them offer LPG fuel. Highways in Croatia are the main transport network in Croatia.The Croatian classification includes several classes of highways: The main motorways are named A accompanied by one or two digits. As the motorway is tolled using a ticket system and vehicle classification in Croatia, each exit includes a toll plaza. [71] As of July 2012[update] no decision was reached on the section of the A1 route. The longest bridge on the A1 motorway is the 546-meter (1,791 ft) long Dobra Bridge spanning Dobra River near Karlovac. [20][25], As of September 2010, there are 26 rest areas operating along the A1 motorway,[9] and additional rest areas are planned along the existing sections of the route and those sections under construction. Structurae Version 7.0 - © 1998-2020 Nicolas Janberg. Email. Connection to Otočac, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Access to Zadar (north) via Zagrebačka street; also serving, Connection to Vrgorac and D62 road via Ž6208, This page was last edited on 13 November 2020, at 06:45. Motorways Zagreb – Gorican and Zagreb – Split, Croatia. [65] Despite an official ceremony to mark commencement of construction works on the section,[66] no works beyond design and study development has been carried out there. After suppression of the Croatian Spring and removal of the Croatian leadership that proposed and adopted the construction plan in 1971, all the work related to the Zagreb–Split motorway was cancelled. Hrvatske autoceste and Autocesta Rijeka — Zagreb reported increase of the toll income compared to the same period of 2010 of 2.2% and 5% respectively. In Lika region those are Plitvice Lakes National Park, Sjeverni Velebit National Park and Velebit Nature Park, while in Dalmatia the motorway serves Paklenica National Park, Telašćica Nature Park, Kornati National Park, Lake Vrana Nature Park, Krka National Park and Biokovo Nature Park. National significance of the motorway is reflected through its positive economic impact on the cities and towns it connects as well as its importance to tourism in Croatia. Voici notre super Best of Rallyes 2019 BEST OF RALLY 2019 | CRASHES & MISTAKES The system comprises variable traffic signs used to communicate changing driving conditions, possible restrictions and other information to motorway users. [76][77], The primary motorway operators Hrvatske autoceste (HAC) and Autocesta Rijeka – Zagreb lease the A, B and C type rest areas to various operators through public tenders. Since the two motorways are operated by Autocesta Rijeka — Zagreb and Hrvatske autoceste, the toll collection system is operated jointly by the two operators. Paris est à 325 km environ par l'A4; Au départ de la gare de Metz-Ville, de nombreux TGV quotidiens rallient la capitale en 1h30. Möchten Sie dieses Element wirklich aus Ihren Favoriten entfernen? Here’s a Google Map of Croatia on which we’ve highlighted the most well-known cities, towns, areas and islands using the pointers – click on a pointer for an explanation and to be able to click through for more information about that place! Rok", "Autocesta Zagreb — Split: sve brže do mora", "Tunel Mala Kapela i šibenska trasa u prometu prije kraja lipnja", "Otvoreno novih 37 km autoceste Dugopolje-Šestanovac", "Sanader otvara cestu Šestanovac – Ravča", "Dalmatina ih zaobišla – od brze ceste ništa", "Započeli radovi na izgradnji čvora Donja Zdenčina", "Studija o utjecaju na okoliš izgradnje državne ceste od čvora Donja Zdenčina (autocesta A1) do mosta na Kupi kod Lasinje", "Novigrad dobio ulaz na autocestu, a Slovenci najkraći put do mora", "Izgradnja autoceste Zagreb — Split prema planu", "Demantij iz HAC-a: 'Dalmatina nije tri puta skuplja od autoceste Zagreb-Sisak, "Gradi se autocesta Doli-Osojnik za 79 milijuna kuna", "Sanader otvorio radove na autocesti do Dubrovnika", "Dubrovačko-neretvanska županija: Za ceste 730 milijuna kuna! [28] As of September 2010 northbound traffic leaving the A1 must exit the tolled motorway network, since the existing Zagreb bypass is not tolled, and then re-enter another tolled motorway. [1] The ultimate southern terminus of the motorway has been established to be near Dubrovnik. [58] In 2010, Donja Zdenčina interchange was opened between Lučko and Jastrebarsko interchanges,[59][60][61] and in June 2012, Novigrad interchange opened bringing number of motorway exits to 33. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. EuroTest, an international association of 18 European automobile clubs spearheaded by German automobile club ADAC, surveyed three of the A1 motorway rest areas in 2009: Krka, Lički Osik and Modruš (in case of the latter, both eastbound and westbound). Ici vous trouverez tous les renseignements, les contenus et les outils nécessaires à programmer vos vacances en Croatie, inclus Coordinates: 45°44′48″N 15°52′56″E / 45.74668°N 15.88233°E / 45.74668; 15.88233. [48][49][50], The A1 was a showpiece project of the Croatian government and a symbol of uniting the country. Construction work started in 2000 and the motorway reached Split by 2005 and was extended towards Dubrovnik later on. There are plans for the outer Zagreb bypass to be integrated into the tolled motorway network, as the ultimate solution for congestion at the Lučko toll plaza. Facilities found at Mosor rest area comprise a filling station selling petrol and diesel fuel, a café and restrooms. [27] The Demerje toll plaza is available via a motorway fork accessible to the A1 northbound traffic only. Enfin, les liaisons internationales sont assurées par l’aéroport international du Luxembourg tout juste distant de 37 km. Encore inachevée dans sa partie orientale, l'autoroute est actuellement en cours de construction et devrait assurer la desserte du port de Ploče et de Dubrovnik. Internationale Datenbank und Galerie für Ingenieurbauwerke, Bau von acht Brücken für Autobahnprojekte in Kroatien. Both of the alternative routes proposed that the Zagreb–Karlovac motorway already completed in 1972 were to be used as the northernmost section of the Zagreb–Split and Zagreb–Rijeka motorways. [19][30] By June 2011, Ravča-Vrgorac section was completed, including 5 viaducts, 4 flyovers and a tunnel. [68] While the construction of the Pelješac Bridge, spanning the coast south of Ploče and the Pelješac peninsula, had been associated with A1, its design includes only one traffic lane in each direction unlike the A1 motorway standard of two. [26] In 2009, in an effort to address the problem, the Lučko mainline toll plaza was expanded to 15 lanes, and a single additional 10-lane toll plaza was built for fast cashless toll collection in Demerje. Construction of eight viaducts for Croatian motorway project. All of the A1 motorway rest areas, except Stupnik and Jezerane, are accessible to both directions of the motorway traffic. Facilities found at Modruš rest area comprise picnicking tables and restrooms. 2–5, 39, 40)", "Otvorene dionice Šestanovac-Zagvozd-Ravča Autoceste A1 i Karamatići-Čeveljuša Autoceste A10", Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure (Croatia), "Vlada: Ugovor o jamstvu i financiranju s EIB-om za dovršetak autoceste na koridoru Vc",, Articles with dead external links from June 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with dead external links from September 2017, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Croatian-language text, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2014, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from July 2014, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2011, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from August 2014, Articles containing potentially dated statements from July 2012, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, **Because of a common construction project and a common toll system, the totals also include the 5 km connector to the. First of all, there reasons to visit Croatia all-year round. The decade saw renewed discussion regarding construction of the motorway, including renewed considerations of its route. [39] As of 2011[update], there are six other major viaducts completed on the route–— the Kotezi Viaduct, Modruš 1, Mokro Polje, Jezerane, Srijane and Rašćane viaducts. As of September 2010, there are seven tunnels longer than 1,000 meters (3,300 ft) on the A1 motorway. La construction de l'autoroute a débuté en 1983. Facilities found at Vukova Gorica rest area comprise a filling station selling petrol, diesel fuel and LPG, a restaurant, a motel and restrooms. See all realisations. ", "Trenutno u gradnju može samo dionica Osojnik – Doli", "BiH nudi rješenje za autocestu do Dubrovnika koridorom kroz Neum", "Autocesta može, ali bez trgovine teritorijem Neuma", "Hajdaš: Propadne li koridor, ipak ćemo graditi pelješki most! Registrieren Sie sich kostenlos. The rest areas normally operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. … Construction de 8 ponts pour des projets d'autoroute en Croatie Autoroute Zagreb - Gorican et Zagreb - Split, Croatie. 31K likes. Wifi. [22], The A1 north of the Bosiljevo 2 interchange is operated by Autocesta Rijeka — Zagreb and the rest is operated by Hrvatske autoceste, both of which do not report company toll income separately for individual sections of various motorways. Construction of the motorway was initiated by a fundraising effort — a public loan. In: DSI Info, n. 12 ( 2003- 2004), S. 23. The Maslenica and Krka bridges are particularly significant as their respective main spans are 200 m (660 ft) long. [69], In April 2012, government of Bosnia-Herzegovina proposed a route in Neum area to connect Ploče and Dubrovnik while serving Neum. The funds gathered initially through the public loan were sufficient for construction of 20 kilometers (12 mi) of the motorway. Construction de 8 ponts pour des projets d'autoroute en Croatie. Un escalier extérieur permet de rejoindre à l'étage une pièce d'environ 40 m² avec salle d'eau et toilettes. The Mala Kapela and Sveti Rok tunnels are not only the largest individual structures on the motorway but they are also the longest tunnels in Croatia. All intersections of the A1 motorway are grade separated. [33] In the 2000s, as the motorway construction works were gradually progressing further south, the motorway earned its unofficial, yet widely used name—Dalmatina in Croatian press because it connected Zagreb to Dalmatia. Le nombre de hotspots WIFI en Croatie est très élevé. Substantial variations observed between AADT and ASDT are normally attributed to the fact that the motorway carries significant tourist traffic. Facilities found at Rašćane Gornje rest area comprise parking areas and restrooms only. (A) (Titre en anglais et en espagnol : Croatia - Caterpillar takes part in the construction of a motorway - Croacia - Caterpillar participa en la construccion de una autopista) Accessible to the southbound traffic only. Building. After Croatian independence and conclusion of the Croatian War of Independence, efforts to build the motorway were renewed and construction started in 2000. [46] The conclusion is supported by the fact the road was spontaneously nicknamed King Tomislav Motorway (Croatian: Autocesta kralja Tomislava) by citizens investing their money through the public loan after the first king of medieval Croatia, who united Croatia as a single kingdom in 925. [35] Both of the Mala Kapela and Sveti Rok tunnels were originally operated as single tubes when they were opened for traffic in June 2005 until 30 May 2009, when the second tubes of the tunnels were also opened for traffic. Facilities found at Jezerane rest area comprise picnicking tables and restrooms. Thus the greatest volume of traffic is registered between Jastrebarsko and Lučko interchanges – with 31,432 vehicle annual average daily traffic (AADT), and 53,216 vehicle average summer daily traffic (ASDT) figures as that is the section closest to Zagreb. [4] A part of the motorway is considered to be a segment of the Adriatic–Ionian motorway. [29], The ultimate southern terminus of the motorway has been established by applicable legislation to be near Dubrovnik. Facilities found at Nadin rest area comprise a filling station selling petrol and diesel fuel, a restaurant, a café and restrooms. [8][needs update] The latest significant viaduct completed as a part of the Ravča–Vrgorac section is the Kotezi Viaduct at 1,214 meters (3,983 ft), surpassing all other viaducts on the route except for Drežnik Viaduct. In: DSI Info, n. 12 ( 2003- 2004), S. 23. Connections between Venice, Porec, Rovinj, Pula, Piran, Umag and Rabac. Check out the latest music videos, trailers, comedy clips, and everything else that people are watching right now. Lokrum island. Autoroute Zagreb - Gorican et Zagreb - Split, Croatie. Further construction of motorways from Zagreb to Rijeka and Split was suspended for the next 28 years following a political decision of the Croatian leadership, newly installed during Yugoslav suppression of the Croatian Spring, to "stop megalomaniac projects". [44][1] However, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe recognized the route as the southernmost part of the Pyhrn route, giving it the designation E59 in 1975. The figure includes funds approved for construction work scheduled to be completed by 2013. [45] The first attempt to revive the project in earnest occurred in the 1993, when the excavation of Sveti Rok Tunnel began. Originally the motorway was designed to follow a route from Zagreb to Bihać (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and then to Split via Knin. Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Bruit sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Soon, the originally devised route running through Bihać was set aside and two new routes were considered: One of them was a modified version of the original route, bypassing Bihać and running through the Plitvice Lakes region while the other was a completely new route further to the west via Gospić and Zadar, which was eventually accepted for construction. Le taux d’alcoolémie au volant est limité à 0,5 g/L (0 g/L pour les moins de 25 ans) en cas de contrôle inopiné, et à 0 g/L en cas d’accident. Facilities found at Prokljan rest area comprise a filling station selling petrol and diesel fuel, a café and restrooms. [51] More comprehensive construction work started in 2000 and Karlovac–Vukova Gorica section opened in 2001. Cathedral. The A1 motorway (Croatian: Autocesta A1) is the longest motorway in Croatia, spanning 476.3 kilometers (296.0 mi). Le deuxième bâtiment abrite deux boxes, un espace sanitaire (douche, lavabo, toilettes) et un garage de 18 m² environ. As the route traverses rugged mountainous and coastal terrain, it has required 376 bridges, viaducts, tunnels and other similar structures in sections completed as of 2014[update], including the two longest tunnels in Croatia and two bridges comprising spans of 200 meters (660 ft) or more. Legislation provides for four types of rest areas designated as types A through D—A-type rest areas comprise a full range of amenities including a filling station, a restaurant and a hotel or a motel; B-type rest areas have no lodging; C-type rest areas are very common and include a filling station and a café, but no restaurants or accommodation; D-type rest areas offer parking spaces only, possibly some picnicking tables and benches and restrooms. This has been reflected by an accelerated development of regions connected by the A1 motorway. The A1 motorway consists of two traffic lanes and an emergency lane in each driving direction along its entire length. The latter figure includes construction of the D425 state road but it does not include full completion of the Vrgorac–Ploče section. Other similar changes of the traffic volume are registered near Zadar (served by Zadar 1 and Zadar 2 interchanges) and Split served by Dugopolje interchange. [55] The last sections to be completed to date are Šestanovac–Ravča, opened on 22 December 2008,[56][57] Ravča-Vrgorac section opened on 30 June 2011,[32] and the Vrgorac-Ploče section opened on 20 December 2013. [67], The A1 motorway route between Ploče and Doli[note 1] has not been fixed yet, as several options exist, all of which require the route to cross either an embayment of the Adriatic Sea or a part of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Construction de 8 ponts pour des projets d'autoroute en Croatie. Planning a trip to Croatia When to do a road trip in Croatia. In: DSI Info, n. 12 ( 2003- 2004), S. 17. [44], The 39.3-kilometer (24.4 mi) long Zagreb–Karlovac section of the Zagreb–Rijeka motorway, now part of the A1 motorway, was completed in 1972. La dernière construction abrite également deux boxes et un garage de 34 m² environ. [36] The other major tunnels on the A1 motorway are the 2,300-meter (7,500 ft) long Plasina Tunnel situated between Otočac and Perušić interchanges and the Grič, Brinje and Konjsko tunnels. [17], It serves, either directly or via connecting roads, a large number of tourist destinations such as Bjelolasica in Gorski Kotar,[18] a large number of Adriatic Sea resorts and several national parks and nature parks. In: DSI Info, n. 12 ( 2003- 2004), S. 17. Pinterest. Facilities found at Desinec rest area comprise a filling station selling petrol, diesel fuel and LPG, a restaurant, showers and restrooms. Depuis juin 2002, Caterpillar assure le terrassement d'une nouvelle autoroute dans les regions montagneuses de la Croatie. Lučko mainline toll plaza, serving both southbound and northbound traffic; The plaza accepts cash only, while drivers using ETC or credit/debit card payment methods must exit the motorway via Demerje toll plaza. [19] Mala Kapela Tunnel–Gornja Ploča, Zadar 2–Pirovac and Vrpolje–Dugopolje sections opened in 2004 and Mala Kapela Tunnel itself and Pirovac–Vrpolje section opened in 2005 marking completion of the Zagreb–Split Motorway, culminating with the grand opening of Karlovac — Split section on 26 June 2005. [5] Once the latter motorway's connecting sections are completed, those currently spanned just by the Adriatic Highway as well as two-lane roads in Slovenia and Albania, the A1 will achieve genuine importance as a transit route. Facilities found at Vrpolje rest area comprise a filling station selling petrol and diesel fuel, a restaurant, a café, an ATM and restrooms. i dodjeli koncesije za građenje i gospodarenje autocestom Rijeka – Zagreb", "Overview of motorways and semi-motorways", "Međuovisnost prometa i turizma u Hrvatskoj", "Koncesionari autocesta povećali prihode 4,1 posto", "Traffic counting on the roadways of Croatia in 2009 – digest", "Program građenja i održavanja javnih cesta za razdoblje od 2009. do 2012. godine", "Autocesta A1, Zagreb — Split — Dubrovnik", "Kosor na otvaranju autoceste: I mi smo u pregovorima probijali tunele i gradili vijadukte", "DANAS OTVORENA NOVA DIONICA RAVČA VRGORAC NA A1 ZAGREB-SPLIT-DUBROVNIK", "U promet su puštene dionice Vrgorac - čvor Ploče - Karamatići A1 i granica BiH - Ploče autoceste A10", "Na autocesti A1 u promet je puštena dionica Vrgorac-Ploče", "Objava za medije, Sveti Rok i Mala Kapela", "Od sutra u prometu obje cijevi tunela Sveti Rok i Mala Kapela", "Reference — Maslenički most iznad novskoga Ždrila", "Obilazak autoceste Ravča–Ploče s glavnim inženjerom: Novac usporio izgradnju autoceste", "SVAĐA STANOVNIKA OKO IMENA – Nova dionica A1: vijadukt Kotezi opet Bunina", "European Agreement on main international traffic arteries (AGR) (with annexes and list of roads). Railway traffic in Croatia International railway traffic re-established from June 22, domestic from May 11 Find out more The route also provides links to a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Plitvice Lakes, Cathedral of St. James in Šibenik, Palace of Diocletian in Split and the Historic City of Trogir. The route serves Karlovac via D1, Gospić via D534, Zadar via D8 and D424 and Šibenik via D533.

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