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A relaxing day spent exploring Ettal and its surroundings needs to be followed by a bout of adventure. Im planning a trip for one week to Germany….any suggestions? Where else we can go close to Fussen. I’m going late April, thinking of driving. If so, what are the recommended towns/ villages that you suggest we stay in? Salzburg. Can we access all the areas you talked about at that time of year? Germany offers the perfect package – the cities offer alternative spaces (especially Berlin) while the countryside is absolutely dreamy. Begin your epic road trip in Germany by flying into Munich. Walking into the ostentatious and preened grounds of Linderhof Castle is akin to walking into a fairy tale. What is the driving like on this itinerary? If so, there are no tolls on German roads however as mentioned once (if) you drive over to Austria, you have to buy a vignette (and stick it on the windshield – this is for tolls on Austrian roads) and this vignette is easily available as soon as you enter Austria or even in Germany close to the border with Austria from any fuel station/kiosk. By Priya Vin at Outside Suburbia. Else you will spend the day looking for parking spots or being stuck in traffic jams in Salzburg. Congratulations on the upcoming milestone , That’s a great itinerary. One glance at it, and you can see why. I have been dreaming of this road trip since you posted it and I think I finally am in a position to plan this trip. My husband and me are planning to do the similar route in August with Innsbruck before heading to Unterwossen . Welcome to the Deutsche Alpenstrasse (The German Alpine Road). Hope you have a great trip – let us know if you have other questions. The Furka Pass . Don’t leave the area without going on a cable car ride near Mittenwald -Zugzpiste is the most popular one but it is invariably crowded (and overpriced!). our next leg of the trip is in Prague; guessing the travel time from Vienna and Munich are not that different. Is it possible to rent the car at Munich Airport and drop it off in Salzburg? What would you recommend, To be honest, we preferred Berlin out of the two (it’s a tough choice though :)). Love it here. Thank you, Password must be 8-16 characters and contain at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one number and one special character, Bavarian Alps Road Trip: Drive to Discover the German Alps, rent a car at Munich Central Rail Station. You can definitely do this trip in 7 days. How is the parking with big cars, specially in smaller towns and near the castles/Lakes? Why not remove a few places and spend longer in the cities you visit and also drive with less stress to get to the next location. Eerie. This trip looks like a dream! Start/End: Munich, Germany – If you’re short on time then the easiest way to do this German Alpine road trip would be to fly in and out of Munich International Airport. It’s a very interesting and detailed account of your trip, loved every bit of it. I love your dressing sense and photography skills. Is it preferable to drive from Berlin to Munich or take a train. we will be in Interlaken (swiss) so the plan is to drive to Lindau, Fussen, Ettal, Unterwossen and then to Munich. Day 11: Drive back to Memmingen / Munich and fly to London, 1-2 nights in Munich We are staying at Fussen. All are so so gorgeous! Looks like Bavaria might be a winner. Try the locally-brewed beer or Ettal liqueurs made by the monks at Ettal Abbey. need to ask you some questions reg the trip in bayern. The Oregon Coast is probably the most beloved road trip in the entire state and is a popular area for a holiday stay with both locals and out-of-towners. I loved your pictures for sharing with my friends who’ll be traveling with and have never been at all. The hotel suggestions are mentioned in the post (points 3 and 7) , Hi! Am confused between April and August. I LIVE in Munich and still didn’t know that there’s so much to see around! it served as a good inspiration and a base/starting point for us to plan our Bavarian trip. Do you think it’d still be good weather to do this? How was your experience traveling? Most guidebooks suggest walking to the Marienbrucke Bridge for a good view of the entire castle but if you want an absolutely breathtaking view, continue walking after the Marienbrucke bridge till you reach the highest vantage point in the area. We have 7 days to explore! We were the only ones at the time we visited and we had the whole mountain to ourselves, with a giant telescope for company. ROAD TRIP DANS LES ALPES BAVAROISES : LA VIDÉO ! Nope, it’s not a figment of our imagination – it actually exists!! The quality of your pictures is amazing. I am so going ahead with your itinerary. Enter a road trip in Germany. Once you’re done, drive to picture-perfect Ettal, which will be your home for the next 4-5 nights. Vienna – Salzburg – Innsbruck – St.Moritz – Zermatt – Geneva. Once you’ve crossed the gorge, you can choose a hike that suits your fitness level. I love how you plan your holidays? I do keep in mind all the beautiful places you mentioned. We have a US License – so assuming that should be ok What if we tell you there is a section of the Alps that is equally pretty, much less crowded, not touristy, and much much cheaper? Could you educate little bit on that? Hi Savi Vid, Can you suggest a shortened itinerary ? However well-stocked supermarkets are few and far in between. !! Thanks again Of course, snow is always welcome by us, but we’re wondering about barren grey landscapes and cold trips , November/December will have its own charms – think snow capped mountains, fairytale castles, and mulled wine . Answer 1 of 4: Me and my partner are booked up for Bavaria just after Christmas. Road trip en Allemagne dans les Alpes Bavaroises ! We are looking for a farm stay/ cabin stay slightly away from the bigger cities. It was a phenomenal trip and greatly appreciate all of your advice and suggestions! Slovenia’s Julian Alps are the perfect destination for a mountain road trip in Europe. This is the entrance to the world’s largest ice-caves. If you, like us, enjoy sampling local food, then you’re in for a treat. Also remember that the moment you enter Austria, you should have the vignette on your car. What would you recommend during this time? Read the descriptions of the places below – this is a road trip you will want to go on asap , Day 1: Fly to Munich or Memmingen and pick up rental car Your pictures are beautiful and they sure did lure us to look into Bavarian Alps when we thought about a trip to the Alps! We recommend spending 3-4 days in Berlin. Did you need any special equipment or abilities to tackle that one? The best is to stay in the Garmisch region of Bavaria and do a day trip to Austria. c) It depends on your likes and dislikes. Yay , I was unsure of where to travel during the July holidays and I came across your blog and this amazing road trip. But we want to do it in 7 days, and our budget is not verry big (around €500 each). We stayed at the picturesque Hotel Blaue Gams overlooking the Ettal Abbey and paid £50 per night for a double room including breakfast. As for leaving out Austria and doing Berlin, that’s totally your call . This is two very different worlds in one magnificent trip. Just wanted to check on one thing – we are thinking of going back to Bavaria this year – do you think we could get to see snow capped mountains in June – didn’t get to see them in September. But if you have dietary restrictions or you’re craving non-Bavarian food, then you might have to look for a supermarket. Other than the Ice cave and concentration camp – any edits to be made when traveling with a family, including a 4yo? My husband and I just got back from Bavaria and based our trip off of your recommendations in this post. I was so excited when I chanced upon this post as I am planning a year end holiday to Europe this year! I must say I am an ardent follower of your travelogues and completely adore your loving posts. Hello! I’m sure your husband will be thrilled to read your comment Jokes aside, it will be safe, don’t worry . Do send us some photos from your trip to Bavaria. Plan to do Munich and the Alps during Oktoberfest. We love Karwendelbahn – a near vertical cable car ride leads visitors to the top of one of the highest mountains in the area. Here’s the link:, As for Germany, you could stick to the first 4-5 days of this itinerary and skip the bit that spills into Austria. Drive down to Fussen, a gorgeous town surrounded by the Alps. Would you give me some more details on where exactly you stayed, or maybe some pointers atleast. In our opinion, the whole stretch of Deutsche Alpenstrasse is gorgeous.The stretch from Fussen to Ettal is particularly beautiful. They trily inspire – in fact I made changes to the Germany trip I am currently planning to make sure it includes spending time in Ettal! This looks too good to be true. You can find the best prices here, Read our article on The Dachau Concentration Camp here (opens in a new tab). Have you used credit card frequently over there? This trip looks amazing.. Have been ‘holiday-ing’ for while now and would like to start properly ‘travelling’. 3. Bruised Passports, conceptualised by Savi and Vid in 2013, is an award-winning mélange of impactful writing, captivating photography, and colourful fashion from around the world. Hi Nisha yes it is possible to cover all these places although you won’t really be enjoying much of the places. This was a wonderful article. #travelersaesthetic #travelaestheticwanderlust. Mariane. thanks, Might be too cold at that time but if you’re ok with the cold then why not . My Slovenia road trip at the Julian Alps was probably my best planned ever! For the neuschwanstein castle , how to visit it ie should be go inside and take a trip of the castle or view it from outside and use the day to check out surrounding places. Also can we take the car crossing the Germany Austria border. But it’s bit crowded especially in summers. We’d suggest spending 3 nights in Ettal and 2 in Unterwossen . It’s as if time has stood still and is in awe of the beautiful alpine Bavaria. This is exactly where having a car and being on a road trip comes wonderfully into play. Wondering what to pack for a long road trip, see this post that has a downloadable and Printable Road Trip packing list Vienna. You almost expect a Rapunzel or Cinderella to peek out of one of the ornamental windows. Since I had a few extra days of paid leave I could use at work, I decided to take advantage of this trip to visit the Austrian Alps as well while I was nearby. You can get these vignettes at all fuel stations near the border. Hi, I was just looking over your itinerary again and really like it. The highest point of the road is a staggering 2,504m (8,200ft), and the views are, well, you can imagine how good they are. What you have mentioned is doable – just cut out a day from Ettal and a day from Unterwossen and add it for the lake region. May 13, 2020 - In this article, I will focus on this special place in Germany; it is the most dreamy castle that exists. Day 8: Walchensee & drive to Unterwossen Internet has been patchy the past few weeks. And though I m a vegetarian, my husband and friend said it was the best burger they has ever eaten! One of the best parts of touring southern German by car is that you'll be free to set your own pace. As for Werfen ice caves, we did not need any special equipment, but please keep in mind that we went in July. Needless to mention we’ve reserved 2 days / nights at the fest to consume and get consumed by greatest invention in the history of mankind. Once you’ve parked your car, trek uphill for 20 minutes to the cable car, take the cable car to the top of the mountain, and walk for another 20 minutes. We look forward to planning our next trips based on your travel exploits too! I think we will have to cut the drive by a day or two. We rented through Hertz. b) From what we remember, no tolls in Germany, however if you drive into Austria, you need to buy one of the vignettes (it was around €8 for a week at the time we went) I have heard it rains a lot in Germany in July and August. Plan to drive to the alps and back over the next 4 days before we head to Spain for 8 days. Make sure you get a vignette (for road tolls) before getting into Austria – you can buy these at any gas station before or after crossing the border. we are going this coming August! This winding route is known as the High Alpine Road, which takes you from Salzburg to Carinthia, passing through gorgeous scenery of the Hohe Tauern National Park, with views of almost 40 mountains.

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